O Glorious Saint Joseph, faithful and chaste husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary and foster father of the Redeemer Himself, found worthy to be chosen to be the head of the Holy Family, and as such, the chief steward of all His graces, we now implore you to obtain for us through your intercession, the help we need at this time.  On Earth you were the Guardian of both Her who is the Immaculate Conception and Him who is the Incarnate Almighty God.  Now we humbly implore you to come to our aid from Heaven as the Patron and Guardian of Canada.

Invoking you also as the Protector of the Universal Church and her defender in the worldwide struggle against pernicious spiritual error, especially every outgrowth of atheistic materialism, and in particular as Patron of Canada, we beseech you to intercede with God who anointed you threefold: son of David, spouse of the Virgin, and virginal father of the Lord.  Graciously intercede for us, together with the Blessed Virgin Mary, daughter of the Father, spouse of the Holy Spirit, and mother of the Lord, for the saving of Canada and the entire world from this darkest hour in our history.

Like the Hebrews of old, your fathers who were in peril of starvation and who were then led to safety by your namesake, and like those afterward them in slavery, led by the Lord through Moses out of Egypt together with the precious bones of the same Joseph, we are in the direst of straits.  As a nation we have fallen into unspeakable moral depravity to such a scale as the world has never witnessed, and we desperately need the graces for true contrition, repentance, and conversion.  We have become cold with indifference, and we have abandoned the least of our brethren, even failing to remember and protect the helpless child in the womb.  We deserve His wrath but we beg and hope for His mercy.

Having, because of our widespread sins, come long under the powers of principalities and dominions that rebel against God, including the aforesaid errors and outgrowths, we humbly pray that God in His mercy, hearing your pleas for us, will deign to deliver us from every evil and every ignorant leader in every walk of life, and to deliver them in themselves also from the snares of the devil, that this infernal enemy of the human race may be deprived of all the spoils that, even now, he gloats as if he has snatched them from the Saviour forever.  The souls of so many in our land have become so seduced, drugged, and deceived, that they live as if they were in a gay state of happiness rather than the reality of the dismal peril that they are at risk of facing before all eternity.  Save us who are invoking your assistance dear Saint Joseph, from the perils to which we are blind.  Make us to see with clarity, and to be transformed by the renewal of our minds in complete harmony with and in the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

We thank you for your fatherly affections, dearest Saint Joseph, which are so sure a sign of the ineffable love and mercy of God, and we thank Him for having appointed you and the Most Pure Virgin and Heavenly Queen over us, just as He committed His own heart to you on Earth.  To God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit be the glory, now and forever. Amen.

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