In Viam Pacis now has a YouTube channel called “To Prepare His Way” and the home page can be found here:

Here’s a few thoughts I had one day taking Vicar through the woods down the new forest road that I made just before the ground froze!:

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I think I will also use this blog to announce the Mass Intentions, edited perhaps to not reveal anyone’s full name or personal information online.

Today’s Mass (January 28th, The Memorial of St. Thomas Aquinas) was offered for Lara’s Spiritual Priest Son.

On January 29th, the Mass will be offered for the benefit of John’s Dad.

My friends Lawrence and Marielle came to visit me on Sunday.  We had scheduled visits on two previous occasions but huge snowstorms prevented safe travel.  Actually last Sunday there was another snowstorm with blowing winds and whiteout driving conditions, but they persevered and it was great to see them.  We went for a nice walk through the woods just before sunset.  The snow was deep enough that we could have used snowshoes but we decided to just wear our boots.  They were kind enough to bring some Mass supplies which I was getting low on, and they also brought a very delicious chili and salad for supper and apple crisp for desert!

Although I cannot yet receive retreatants, I am happy to receive visitors.  The preferred day for visits is on Sundays.  If you come up on other days, expect to be put to work!  In Viam Pacis!

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