First, please consider a donation to In Viam Pacis.  We really need some monthly supporters.  So far we have 1 supporter giving $200 per month, 1 supporter giving $100 per month, 1 supporter giving $33 per month, and 1 supporter giving $10 per month.  Monthly operating expenses are $6,000 per month.  Thankfully, we have received some one time donations of varying amounts as well, including a just in time $5,000 gift at the end of February.  So far we are running monthly deficits.  This is in a way, quite normal, just like a new business venture will often run deficits for the first while.  In a business, the entrepreneur takes the risk.  For In Viam Pacis, I am personally taking the risk, and since I truly believe in this project, I am taking full responsibility for it.  We do hope that once the retreat centre is open that much of the operating expenses will be covered through the free-will offerings of retreatants, but in the meantime, we could really use some help.  Operating expenses are the bare minimum, and any donations above that can go to building extra retreat cabins.  Renovations are moving ahead and with the milder weather everything should be ready very soon.   It’s going to really be something “very beautiful for God” and something very positive in these times when, quite frankly, we are witnessing almost everywhere a great decline in Christianity.  Indeed, we are living in times where we are seeing much of the Christian foundations of Western Civilization cracking and deteriorating, if not crumbling, before our eyes.  In Viam Pacis will be a refuge for you and/or others to get a respite from the intense spiritual and moral battles of these modern times.  Just think of all the priests, religious, and laity who will be able to get some much needed rest and restoration here at In Viam Pacis.  Who knows, maybe some persons will receive some inspirations to do some crucial things for the good of all.  Maybe God is speaking to many persons now but the noise and nonsense of our modern world is distracting some from receiving His promptings?  It seems like so many are waiting for some great Saints like of old to appear ‘save the day’ so to speak.  What if getting away for some peace and quiet will help facilitate that?  You can be a part of something simple, yet perhaps very important for our times.  I think In Viam Pacis is part of the answer.  What about you?  For more information, you can visit the “Be A Part of In Viam Pacis” page on this website, or you can ask me, Fr. Anthony Hannon, any question through the “Contact Us” page.  Please help this project get off the ground.  If you are ready to give now, you can donate using the donate button below.  If you prefer to donate through e-transfer or by cheques, send us a message through the “Contact Us” page requesting our email address or mailing address.  Thank you in advance for answering this plea!


This week’s Masses:

Sunday March 10th: For the supporters of In Viam Pacis

Monday March 11th: For a special intention, by Nathalie

Tuesday March 12th: For Paul, by his sister Jennifer

Wednesday March 13th: For the soul of my Dad, by Fr. Anthony

Thursday March 14th: For the soul of Gerry, by Rita H.

Friday March 15th: For a special intention, by Nathalie

Saturday March 16th: For the souls of Frank and Sonia, by their daughter Suzanne


New Videos have been uploaded on the YouTube channel, which is called “To Prepare His Way.”  Please visit the channel and subscribe for free.  Make sure to turn the notification bell “on” so that you will be sent an email when new videos are uploaded.  If you think someone else will benefit from any of the videos please click the “share” button on the video as well!  Here is the link to the channel:

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