Mass was offered:

February 1st for Kyle and his entire family, by his cousin Maurice.

February 2nd for Anthony on his birthday, by his mother Gisele.

February 3rd for Doris, by Lara and John.

Booked Masses:

February 4th for Lara’s Mother on her birthday, by Lara and John.

February 5th for Rebecca, by her mother Nathalie.

February 6th for Tonya on her birthday, by her Mom and Dad.

February 7th for Paul, by his sister Jennifer.

February 8th for Paul, by his sister Jennifer.

February 9th for Rebecca, by her mother Nathalie.

2 thoughts on “Announced Masses

  1. Gertrude Simser says:

    Hello Father ,

    So nice to be able to see and hear you whenever I like.
    I miss our talks and your sermons.

    Next time you are in Ottawa, it would be great to have you stop by for a visit.

    God bless,

    Gertrude S ~

    • I’m glad you found the website Gert. You are on my mind to visit you. I will call first of course. Not sure when, but let’s definitely keep in touch over the phone or by email in the meantime. God bless you Gert!

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