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Where we are located:

Presently the location for the  IN VIAM PACIS Retreats is under construction, opening soon.  The site covers approximately 120 acres of beautiful Ontario wilderness.  It includes a substantial portion of a large picturesque pond and an amazing creek teeming with fish!

We are about an hour’s drive from Kingston and about a half hour from Sharbot Lake.  For the mailing address, please send us an email through this contact page.

We are in the process of clearing walking paths through the forest for your enjoyment.  Work is being done on an existing house to make it just right for a quiet retreat, and some small prayer cabins are in the works.

We are always happy to have volunteers to help ‘Do something beautiful for God,’ so if you are willing and able it would be great to have you come and help prepare everything.

Donations are greatly appreciated.  Cheques should be made payable to “In Viam Pacis”.  To make an e-transfer from your online banking, you will need our email address which is not published on the website but will be given to you if you contact us through the form on this page.  To donate by credit card or PayPal, simply click on this donate button: 


If any of this project appeals to you, or you have any suggestions, just fill out the form on this page and let me know what you think.  

Thank you.

Fr. Anthony Hannon.

God bless!