Be A Part of In Viam Pacis!


In Viam Pacis Retreats

is for anyone

who wants to get away

for a short period of time

to take a break

from the busyness and noise

of modern life.

Although In Viam Pacis is a Catholic Retreat Centre, non-Catholics are welcome as long as they are not hostile to the Catholic Faith.

Visitors should be aware and respect that alcohol, drugs, and smoking or vaping are not permitted.

This is because In Viam Pacis is also a place where recovery from addictions and codependency is fostered.

Retreatants will also have the option of becoming unplugged from smartphones and the internet during their stay.

Being unplugged is optional, the details of which can be arranged with Father Anthony Hannon.

Cell service is weak to non-existent in the area, but there is a signal booster at the main house.

A landline is available for emergencies.

There is no cost for a retreat, but free-will donations are encouraged.

Time limits for stays are at the discretion of Father Anthony Hannon or the Directors of In Viam Pacis.

Please pray that In Viam Pacis will benefit many persons.  Maybe even you!

Please consider a financial contribution to In Viam Pacis.

Become A Member of In Viam Pacis.

You can become a Member simply by contributing with a donation of any amount.  Kindly consider committing to becoming a monthly supporter.  Eyes on Heaven.  Feet on the Ground.  There are unavoidable expenses to run and build In Viam Pacis.  In Viam Pacis is a Non-Profit Association and is applying for Canadian registered charity status.  Your donation will go towards carrying out the mission of the In Viam Pacis Association, which can be summarized as:

1) Providing the opportunity for self directed individual silent retreats, with with the option of Catholic Mass and Liturgy of the Hours available for retreatants,

2) Offering spiritual assistance to those who wish to overcome certain self defeating patterns, over-stimulation, or codependencies, by learning and applying recovery tools in congruence with Catholic principles,

3) Providing spiritual and practical assistance when possible to those in need in the surrounding area.


There are 3 ways of donating and becoming a member:

1) Through a major credit card or PayPal by clicking one of the donate buttons on this page.

2) E-transfers can be made by signing on to your online banking and clicking on “e-transfer” and send a one-time or recurring donation to our email address.  For our email address, please visit the contact page and send a message.  We will respond with our email address.

3) Cheques may be mailed or couriered, payable to In Viam Pacis, to our physical location.  For the physical address please visit the contact page and send a message requesting the address.


Thank you for becoming a member!  A Mass is offered for all members at least once per month.


Get Away and Try A Silent Retreat.  Sometimes you just need to get away and truly rest for awhile.  Unplug.  Get some peace and quiet.  Pray.  Read if you want.  Especially some of the Holy Bible.  Walk in the woods.  Explore the forest.  Listen to the birds.  Listen to the inner voice.  Give yourself the opportunity to be inspired.


Volunteer.  There’s always something to do here if you want to volunteer.  It can be as simple as collecting fallen branches along the paths in the woods, or throughout the forest floor.  Or if you want to be a little adventurous you can clear new walking paths or pull dead wood from the forest.  If you have special building or carpentry skills there may be a project you can accomplish, or you can work along side Fr. Anthony, learning as we go!  Gardening is another possibility, in season of course.  If you want, you can have a combination of retreat and volunteer work, either for part of some days, or have some full days of retreat with some days of volunteering.

Do Something Beautiful for God!