Thank you to everyone filling out the Contact Page and asking for more information about coming for a retreat at In Viam Pacis!  Thank you also, to those who have sent in some donations!  Please visit the “Be a Part of In Viam Pacis” Page on this website and consider becoming a monthly supporter.  I think In Viam Pacis is a unique opportunity and a positive initiative in these troubled times.  Of course, it won’t last long if it is not financially supported.  Even if you don’t think you will ever come on retreat here, I hope you see the value for the Church and for society and, if so, kindly make a contribution, no matter how small.

In order to answer some common questions, I offer this information:

We are not open yet to receive retreatants.  I’m sure we’re still at least a few weeks away (probably a bit longer).

As for cost, I will be recommending to the directors in a couple weeks that we start off by simply asking for a free will offering, so I’ll see what they say about that, and we’ll take it from there.  I guess it will depend on how many donations are received outside of actual retreatants.  So far donations are slow, but I think we will have enough benefactors in time, please God.
At first there will be two private and completely separate guest rooms in the main house.  Later, a retreatant will be able to stay in a small private prayer cabin in the woods.  Besides a safe place to stay, what is offered here is daily Mass and Liturgy of the Hours.  A silent retreat place where daily Mass and Confession is available on-site is not really available anywhere in the area, that I know of anyway.  I think this is priceless, don’t you?
The norm is self-directed silent retreats.  Each retreatant can set his or own schedule but is invited to come to Mass and Liturgy of the Hours.  The liturgical schedule has not been set in stone at this point.  If a retreatant or a small group wants a directed retreat I am willing to offer a daily conference.  I can also offer my ‘strength, hope, and experience’ for those seeking recovery from codependency or addictions in congruence with the Catholic Faith, as long as the retreatant is not in need of medical care.  In other words, an addict of any substances should already have started a recovery program and no longer have physical withdrawal symptoms.  I can also offer some spiritual direction and a confidential listening ear.
There are 120 acres of beautiful forest with varied terrain to explore for anyone with a bit of an adventurous heart.  There is a stunningly beautiful large pond at the back of the property that is well worth the effort to discover.  There are some walking trails already, and more being prepared.  If someone wants to go off trail too much, a compass would really come in handy!  There is a ‘creek’ teeming with fish, so if a retreatant has a fishing license and observes the seasons for particular species, fishing is also a possibility.  The road is paved and not very busy, making it conducive to bicycling in the warmer months. Nearby gravel roads make for an easy hike for those times when hiking through the forest is perhaps a little too burdensome.  Snowshoeing is also a possibility in the winter, and I suppose cross country skiing as well, but there are no groomed ski paths.  Since it is a silent retreat centre, normally 4-wheelers, motorbikes, and snowmobiles would not be allowed in the woods.  Five kilometres away, there is a large lake with road access and parking.  There is no dock to swim from at the lake, but the land is prepared in such a way that there are two boat launches, and some people have been known to swim there.
Cell service is weak to non-existent, although there is a signal booster at the house which can often make calls possible.  There is also a landline at the house for emergencies.  The landline ringer is usually off, but there will be voicemail when we open in case someone needs to get in touch with a retreatant.  The grounds of In Viam Pacis are alcohol, drug, smoke, and vape free.  It is truly a place where retreatants can be unplugged and undrugged!
 As for food, a retreatant should bring his or her own food. A common fridge and a common basic kitchenette will be on-site.  I’m sure I’ll have some food available for retreatants who do not bring food, but, I’m a priest, not a chef, after all!
One way to keep up to date on the progress of In Viam Pacis and find out when we are open is to subscribe to the YouTube Channel and turn the notification bell on.  You can also check the Archdiocese of Ottawa Friday Facts.
I hope this answers some of your questions.  For the address and direct email address you can fill out the Contact Page and I’ll return your email with the information.
God bless,
Fr. Anthony Hannon
In Viam Pacis

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