In Viam Pacis is a non-profit association that depends on donations.  Many of you are praying for the success of the project, and this is absolutely essential.  Please pray that In Viam Pacis will become something really beautiful for God!  Please pray for wisdom for the directors, as well as for the well being of Fr. Anthony.




During your prayers, could you also consider the possibility of becoming a financial contributor?  We need ongoing support.  It’s just the reality.  Perhaps you could consider a monthly donation of $40 or even $10 or even $1?  Or perhaps you are very blessed and a larger amount is possible?  Please help In Viam Pacis get off the ground!  Please visit the “Be A Part of In Viam Pacis” page on this website to find out how to donate.  Thank you in advance, and thank you to everyone who has already made that commitment!


You can also help In Viam Pacis by subscribing to our YouTube channel called “To Prepare His Way” because if enough subscribers are reached then there is a possibility that some ad revenue could be generated from the videos.  We need to reach 1,000 subscribers to be considered for this possibility.  Right now we are at 8.  There is no cost for a subscription.  To subscribe simply go to the “To Prepare His Way” YouTube channel and click on the “subscribe” button.  Provide your email address and then click on the notification bell.  You can also click on the “share” arrow which is found by moving your cursor within any particular video near the top of the video and you will see a curved arrow to click on to send a link of that video to others that you think might be interested in it.  As far as I can tell you can’t subscribe by just watching a video that has been embedded on this website, but you have to go to the YouTube platform.  On any of the videos embedded on this website, simply click the play button and while the video is being played, put your cursor over the video near the bottom of the video and the YouTube logo will appear for you to click on.  You can also go directly to the channel here:


2 thoughts on “A New Video and Some Ways You Can Help!

  1. Doing catch-up on your videos and love that they are short, giving just enough information thereby lending time to thoughtfully absorb the content. Also love the title of your retreat centre and that you have given it a Latin name. To one of your points about the importance of words & language One of the reasons Latin is wonderful is that the words cannot change in the essence of their meaning. I think this is why it is still used in some of the sciences such as botany etcetera. Whenever I hear someone say it’s a “dead” language sometimes they mean it in a derogatory way but in reality it means that the language cannot change in its meaning. I think I have that right at any rate.

    • Fr Anthony Hannon says:

      Thanks Theresa. I’m no expert on Latin, sorry to say. My understanding is that like other languages, even Latin would undergo changes over long periods of time, certainly in pronunciation, and possibly in some nuances of meaning depending on the use of various words in different situations. Sometimes words take on new meanings because they are used in clever ways that later just become part of popular discourse. Usually, however, a good dictionary would include the original meaning as well as secondary meanings. I also understand that there are some differences between what is called Classical Latin and Ecclesial Latin. I usually ask another priest about these things.

      I’m glad you like the name “In Viam Pacis.” Every morning the whole Church prays Zachariah’s Canticle that ends with the phrase and when I pray it in English I pray the last 3 words in Latin. I believe this is going to be a very special place for people to hear God’s Word and receive His peace. God bless. In Viam Pacis!

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